Prints Matter

Photographs are meant to be seen, not sitting on a thumb drive in a drawer.

Photographs are meant to be seen, not sitting on a thumb drive in a drawer.


Why Prints Matter:

One of the first questions we are asked is whether we offer digital-only packages - many people initially consider this option and have not thought about prints at all.

Our reply is always to recommend professional prints, as it’s often the case that families who purchase just digitals never print their images and rarely look at them much afterwards. When images are delivered only digitally there is a real risk of losing them over time: people delete files, hard drives die but wall art, folio’s and albums are built to stand the test of time. Unless you are absolutely scrupulous about looking after your digital images, you’re at risk of losing them forever.

We love Facebook and social media and we know you do, too! All our print packages include properly prepared and edited digital copies of your purchased photos to share with your friends and family. If you wish, we can supply you with a Thumb Drive and an HD video slideshow for you to share for an additional fee.

Professional photos are a beautiful reminder of a special time or event, and deserve to be looked at! We are so committed to this idea that gorgeous. We have spent a huge amount of time sourcing the very best available, and those we supply are crafted to look stunning when displayed in your home. Whether you choose a folio box of mounted prints, wall art or large framed prints. Your photographs will be wonderfully tangible. All our printed products are heirloom and professional quality, guaranteed to out live you and me. Designed to be passed down through the generations to come.

You’ve hired a professional photographer and an artist. The job is not complete without printed tangible photographs-hung and properly displayed in the heart of your home.